• As a day trip from Munich the numerous lakes are a hit for summer meetings. Remarkable scenery, fresh air and clear water.

Make your Munich event unique with a trip to the lakes..

  • Within easy driving distance of Munich are the beautiful lakes of Chiemsee, Tegernsee, Ammersee and Starnbergersee.
  • A day tour to Chiemsee, for example, includes a 1 hour bus ride to the lake, beautiful Alpine views, a relaxing and scenic boat trip to Herreninsel island or Fraueninsel island (or both), then a mouthwatering buffet with famous German cakes and biscuits in the end, as well as a visit to the Herrenchiemsee Palace (Bavaria’s compact version of Versailles)
  • The lakes around Bavaria are a great alternative meeting location to the city of Munich especially for those looking for a relaxed location with plenty of workshops and/or teambuilding